Program Overview

TechFluent's program is designed to take someone with no knowledge of the industry or formal training and get them placed into new careers of the fast growing technology industry. There are a ton of opportunities and TechFluent's program will give you a chance to experience a part of several different fields.

Here are some key points of what to expect:

The Program's 15 Week Curriculum

Our 14 week program will introduce you to the exciting world of technology through Microsoft Dynamics & the Power Platform. There is a lot to learn, but we make it fun and easy to learn by breaking down the courses into 2 main categories - Technical Skills & Consulting Skills. Don't worry if you have not heard of these terms - you're here to learn!

Technical Skills

  • Intro to Tech & the Microsoft Stack
  • Intro to the Power Platform, D365 & Use Cases
  • Intro to the Dataverse & Relational Databases
  • D365 Sales & Customer Insights
  • D365 Marketing
  • D365 Customer Service
  • D365 Project Operations
  • D365 Field Service
  • Model-Driven Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Canvas Apps
  • Deep Dive Configuration in the Dataverse
  • Power BI
  • Overview of Azure Dev Ops

Consulting Skills

  • Day-in-a-life
    Intro to Communication
  • Intro to Consulting & IT
  • Personal Development & Mental Health
  • Time Management/Organizational Skills & SMART Goal Setting
  • Critical Thinking Workshop
  • How to Conduct yourself in Corporate America
  • Change Management & Project Management
  • Business Analyst Workshop
  • Resume & Interview Prep
  • Negotiation Strategies & Resume Workshop