Liz’s 2024 mantra as TechFluent picks up momentum: Be Brave and Just Breathe

January 24, 2024

2023 wrapped up in whirlwind of exciting activity by attending Community Summit, Ignite and officially starting a full-time role as Executive Director of TechFluent. Instead of the typical slow ramp of a new year, it feels like we’re climbing up the ladder of a high dive, poised to jump into the deep end of the pool (or a lake if you’re in Minnesota 😉). With that comes the mix of electrifying excitement and nerves.

TechFluent’s 2024 Goals

1. The cannon ball: Quadruple the number of enrolled learners to 100. It’s a big, bold move that requires courage and confidence.

2. The perfect dive: We are excited to announce that we are taking steps to improve our job placement rate by expanding our curriculum to align with industry needs. To ensure that our graduates are well-positioned for success, we are starting the program later to align with optimal hiring timing. This year our training program will run from May 2024 to December 2024. With these adjustments, we’re confident in hitting our new target of a 70% placement rate.

3. Take a running start: Foster the growth of our partnership with Microsoft, building upon our existing foundation. As proud members of TechSpark and participants in Microsoft Learn Career Connected, we've fortified our collaboration. We’ve recently welcomed two Microsoft employees to our Board of Directors, further solidifying our commitment to mutual growth and innovation.

4. Do a flip: A flip is a complex move that requires skill and technique, but the payoff can be huge. We’re diving into the pursuit of additional grant funding. To facilitate further scaling, TechFluent requires diversified funding sources. We plan on strengthening our grant-writing capabilities and our strategy involves applying for local and federal funding.

Let's dive into 2024 together—where being brave is not just a mantra but a way of life at TechFluent.

Liz McGlennen

Executive Director

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